Rated #1 best tour guide by Condé Nast Traveler year after year.


    Rated #1 best tour guide by Condé Nast Traveler year after year.

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3 a 4 Hours


Learn more about Colombia's most famous drug trade, Pablo Escobar, during this private 4-hour tour of Medellín.

3 a 4 Hours


In this coffee farm located 40 minutes from the city, you will learn the whole process of coffee, from how to plant it to how the coffee is harvested, you will live an unforgettable experience. Don't miss out on being a farmer for a day.

7 a 8 Hours


our full day. After an hour and a half driving through natural landscapes with your professional guide Camantours Medellin, you will arrive in El Peñol to discover the fascinating history of the city that lies in the middle of the lake. The one closest to heaven will be the next one, when you climb the almost 700 steps of the rock el Peñol, which offers panoramic views of the region. As a final destination, there is a large city of Zócalo or Guatape to enjoy lunch and take a pleasant stroll through this vibrant town and relax on the relaxing lake.

3 a 4 Hours


Just a few years ago, the Comuna 13 neighborhood was the most dangerous community in the city of Medellín, but today it is the most colorful and vibrant community in the city. After the government and the private sector invested in youth and social programs, local residents and artists reclaimed neighborhoods and contributed to the miraculous transformation we see today, the streets were filled with amazing street art, music, street artists, vendors selling delicious local snacks A great opportunity to explore the lively streets of Comuna 13 while meeting local residents and artists, a unique cultural and memorable experience.

1 a 2 Hours


ATV excursions. Our excursions are made on natural paths of beautiful landscapes where you will find trails, swamps, forests and much more, always accompanied by a certified guide to carry out this activity. All our clients will receive the appropriate protective equipment for the activity such as a helmet, gloves, jacket with protection or chest, glasses and boots before starting the excursion. We recommend the following: Bring comfortable clothes and shoes. Leave valuables at the hotel. Use sunscreen. Wear dark glasses as there is tropical weather all year round. Be respectful with the environment, protect the architectural and cultural heritage, listen to your guide, be punctual. Please note that the vehicle has an established route and must stop at various hotels in the city before starting the excursion. Always carry your original identity documents. If you are going to pay by credit card, you must show the documentation that certifies that you are the owner.

3 a 4 Hours


On our tour of the city you will get to know the most emblematic sites of the city and with our experienced guides you will enjoy a tour full of learning and beautiful experiences in our city.

3 a 4 Hours


The municipality of Jardín located 134 km. from Medellín in the south west subregion of Antioquia rich in coffee cultivation, an opportunity for national and foreign tourists to learn about the customs and idiosyncrasies of Antioquia populations in one day. This tour includes admission to a coffee farm with a tour and talk about the cultivation of coffee and its beneficiary. Wear comfortable clothes, shoes and a cap, wear a coat, use sunscreen and glasses to protect yourself from sunlight, use repellent to protect yourself from mosquitoes, be friendly to the environment, protect the architectural and cultural heritage, pay attention to the guide, be punctual .

3 a 4 Hours


A day to discover the theme park of Hacienda Nápoles. Hacienda Nápoles is located in an amazing landscape and in the geographical heart of Colombia. It is now a tourist spot and you will not have to worry about the entrance fee as it is included in the package. You can also visit Hacienda Nápoles with the help of experts so you can get the most out of your trip. Although in the past this hacienda was the small paradise of drug trafficker Pablo Escobar, today it has become one of the most important theme parks in Latin America, with its flora and fauna sanctuary and aquatic attractions, among which are the Victoria Falls.

Positive Vibes, People, Places and Food.

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